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Jenna Wolfe at 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing

Jenna Wolfe is an American journalist who reports for NBC News on the Today Show.  She is currently in Beijing reporting on the 2008 Summer Olymics.

NBC's Olympic Coverage An Olympic Marathon
Hartford Courant- The weekend "Today" cast of Lester Holt, Amy Robach and Jenna Wolfe will also be there. The bulk of live coverage comes online with 2200 hours covering 25 ...

Jenna Wolfe goes to Beijing
Give her credit for getting the gig. But she seems so nervous, almost jumpy. This was particularly obvious during her interview with the former campaign spokesperson for Sen. Edwards. All I can say is (and responses to these posts ...

Interview of Secretary Rice by Jenna Wolfe
Secretary Rice Interview With Jenna Wolfe of the Sunday Edition of NBC News.
"So let this Olympics go off without a hitch. I hope that the Chinese will be discreet about the use of their security, that people will feel welcome and comfortable and that they will let free reporting take place. It's important. ... "

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