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Meg Whitman for McCain VP?

McCain-Whitman Buzz In Denver
Atlantic Online
- Aug 24, 2008
So --- he chooses Meg Whitman. eBay's CEO. A former Romney fundraiser. McCain trusts her judgment on economic matters. (He told Rick Warren that she would ...

The right choice: Whitman
Denver Post, USA
- Aug 28, 2008
He could tap former CEO Meg Whitman — mom, Princeton and Harvard graduate, and a woman who is ranked as one Forbes' 2007 richest Americans. ...

Fiorina Versus Whitman: Who Would Make A Better Vice President?
TechCrunch, USA
- Aug 29, 2008
But two former Silicon Valley CEOs are also on the short list, and they are both women: Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman. Picking Romney would help McCain ...

Meg Whitman
Aug 27, 2008
This post is reponse to a comment left on my last Whitman post that said Meg Whitman is a libertarian leaning Republican. Well if Meg Whitman is in fact a libertarian than it is a good thing. An emphasis on freedom and limited ...

McCain’s pick likely to be Romney or Pawlenty, will it cost McCain ...
PolitickerAZ, USA
- Aug 28, 2008
- 14 hours ago
Earlier today the Arizona Republic reported McCain fundraiser Sid Rosen was betting on the choice being Ebay head Meg Whitman. Rosen was so convinced he ...

Meg Whitman Wiki
Meg Whitman in 2007. Born, Margaret Cushing Whitman ... Meg Whitman to Wed June 7 - Free Preview - The New York Times; ^ "Hendricks H. Whitman, Executive, ...

TIME Digital -- Digital 50 - MEG WHITMAN
Leading the charge is Meg Whitman, who's working to move eBay beyond rocking chairs and used baby clothes to a broader marketplace for personal and ...

Election Center 2008: Candidates - Election & Politics News from ...
Meg Whitman, president and CEO of eBay Finance co-chair of exploratory committee Donated $2300, Meg Whitman. Dennis Hastert, former House speaker Member of ...

John McCain Picks Ebay Meg Whitman as VP ?


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