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Velocity 173RG Experimental Aircraft Hits House - 2 Dead

Small plane hits house in Las Vegas; 3 dead
The Associated Press
- Aug 22, 2008
Gregor characterized the rear-propeller Velocity 173 RG aircraft as "experimental," and said it can be built from a kit. FAA records showed the aircraft was ...

Three People Dead After Kit-Built Plane Crashes Into North Las ...
- Aug 22, 2008
He was piloting a rear-propeller Velocity 173 RG that was built from a kit and considered an "experimental aircraft," Federal Aviation officials reportedly ...

3 Dead in Plane Crash near North Vegas Airport
- Aug 22, 2008
An FAA spokesman says the pilot of the rear-propeller Velocity 173 RG aircraft radioed that he was in trouble shortly after taking off from the North Las ...

2 dead, 1 hurt in plane crash near Vegas, USA
- Aug 22, 2008
Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor says the rear-propeller Velocity 173 RG aircraft crashed at 6:28 am Friday, shortly after taking off ...

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Composite canard retractable trigear. Fixed-gear version also available $24000. Velocity 173 Elite $27000; 173 RG Elite $31000. ...


  1. joe said...

    footage of the crash taken by a local news chopper:

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